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On January 1, 2015, GTO and RPGTO will be taking a temporary break. Click here for more details.

What is RPGTable Online?

Play any roleplaying game with friends online! RPGTable Online gives you all the tools to run a game such as a dice roller, grid maps, tokens, player and monster stat sheets, and more.

Is it free?

The basic application is absolutely free for you and your friends. Use GTO Gold to purchase a Premium Subscription to unlock additonal features or to buy extra tokens, tiles, and adventures to use in your games. CLICK HERE to learn more.

How do I start using RPGTable Online?

  1. Create a free account here. (Note that this registration for www.gametableonline.com covers both sites)
  2. Log into the RPGTable Online Campaign Manager (in the upper right corner) with your username and password
  3. Once you are logged in to the Campaign Manager, click the NEW SESSION button to create a new campaign. Then click the LAUNCH button to try out the tool or to start creating your first RPG Table adventure! Invite players to join or open the table to the public from the campaign manager to start GMing for real!
  4. To join a game as a player, click ACCEPT to join any campaigns you have been invited to by GMs, or check the Open Campaign list to join in on public games.


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